This page will give you a glimpse of the boys and girls who helped to establish our breeding program. We built our kennel around these individuals and many oftheir children and grandchildren carry on at Bonnyville.

Grandhill’s Irresistible -“Stacey”
Am/CanCh Alfenloch RyanO’Neil ROM/ROMC
Grandhill Sun Kissed

The true foundation of Bonnyville Kennels, this girl started it all. A tri-factored sable merle she could produce puppies in many different colors depending on the stud. Sound in structure and type, Stacey set the standard for all the dogs which came later. Stacey passed away October 22, 2002.  She was almost 15.  Click here to see her "TRIBUTE PAGE"


Ch Bonnyville Goes The Distance - ‘Rocket”
Am/CanCh Alfenloch RyanO’Neil ROM/ROMC
Bonnyville’s CrystalClear CD (sable merle)

Rocket has the beautiful headpiece, sweet expression and full mushy muzzle so important to the“estetics” of the sheltie look. He has produced sound structure and temperament with proven champions! Watch for Rocket’s legacy to continue at Bonnyville, in his daughter, Ch Bonnyville Distant Encounter—”Amy”. Rocket now resides with his “foreverfamily”.

ChBonnyville Sweet n’Sassey - “Megan”
Am/CanCh Tanterra DayspringCrescendo
Grandhill Irresistible

Megan earned her championship at the age of seven. She had previously gathered the required points but needed a judge to finish. Whelping duties kept her close to home but during the summer of 98 we took her out one last time. Not only did she get the judge she needed, but took the Breed and then on to a Group 4th! Megan has a very gentle soul, sweet eye and outstanding structure which she passed along to each ofher offspring. A favorite of Ted’s, Megan passed away in 2004.


Ch Bonnyville Windsong—”Jessica”
Am/Can/JapCh Alfenloch Whirlwind
Bonnville’s Forever A Diamond

Jessica is a litter sister to our own Ch Bonnyville Fairfax Nighthawk ROM/ROMC. A tri factored sable, Jessica flew to her championship and then began her whelping duties. Needing only one more champion for her ROMC we hope to see this fulfilled when her daughter Bonnyville Clearly a Song takes to the show ring. Happy to just “hang out”, Jessica now lives with her “forever family”.


Ch. Bonnyville's Distant Encounter


Ch Bonnyville Goes the Distance x Ch Bonnyville's Midnite Encounter

Amywas one of the easiest dogs we have ever finished!  Her balance, soundness of body and movement combined with a typey headpiece are everything we strived for. Watch for her children in the show ring as they make their appearance this year.

Amyis now retired and Living with Marilyn Jordan.


Ch.Bonnyville's Mesmerize

"Norma Jean"

Bonnyville Ross Roi Legend x Bonnyvill Forever A Song

It was difficult retiring this absolutely gorgeous bitch!  Norma-Jean is happy relaxing in her new home while her children here at Bonnyville reminds us often of her.  She had it all!


Ch.Bonnyville's Windchill Factor

Drew died Sept. 3/06 at over14 years of age. He was an excellent Dog and one of our favourites.  He was an exceptional sheltie in type having that gorgeous and correct headpiece. 


Our sweet "Nadia" passed away on September 18, 2012 at 12 1/2 yearsold.  She was one of the official greeters here at Bonnyville and remained here until her death.  We thank Nadia for the contributions she made.

Ch.Bonnyville's Prevailing Winds 

"Duke" the handsome Drew son is now retired and in his forever home

BPIS Multiple BPIG Ch.Bonnyville's Entertainer

"Neil" the Nathaniel son is now retired and in his forever home.


Ch. Bonnyville's Noble Knight

"Noble" also now retired and in his forever home.


Ch. Bonnyville Westdel Inniskillin

Vinnie our lovely Nemo son, also now retired and in his forever home.

CH Bonnyville Mystic Knight


Ch Bonnyville Windchill Factor
Ch Bonnyville Mystic Encounter 

This amazing dog passed away at over 15 years of age  August 6  2013.

B.P.I.G. Ch. Bonnyville's Sequence of Image


Am/Can Ch Cindahope Trade Mark
Fairfax Bonnyville Sweetdream ROMC

Passed away and dearly missed by all June 2017

B.P.I.G. Ch. Bonnyville's Imagine That


Am.Can.Ch. Apple Acres Building Blocks  
Fairfax Bonnyville Sweetdreams ROMC

Retired and happily lives with her forever family.

Bonnyville's Victoria Secret 


Ch. Bonnyville Westdel Inniskillin
BPIG Bonnyville's Hard To Imagine 

Ch. Bonnyville's Stroke of Midnite


Ch. Bonnyville Mystic Knight 
Ch. Bonnyville's Imagine That

Ch.Bonnyville's High Hopes


BISS Am/Can/ Ch. GrandGables Boy Oh Boy ROM  ROMC
Ch. Bonnyville Nitelatches Passion

BPIG Ch. Bonnyville's Remington Steel 


Ch. Bonnyville's High Hopes
Bonnyville's Brooke Shields

BPIG Ch. Bonnyville Midnite Enchantment



Ch. Bonnyville Have a Little Faith


BPIS Ch. Bonnyville's Rocky Mountain High
Bonnyville's Victoria Secret